Department of Bengali

Year of Establishment: 1948

With the purpose of cherishing the objectives of the curriculum of the University in respect of study and promotion of the literary aptitude among the students, it was decided to introduce Bengali as a subject with other Humanities Departments in the College. The responsibility of teaching of the subject was entrusted to Phanindralal Dutta, the then scholar of Sanskrit. The Department started functioning individually from 1971 with the joining of Dr. J. K. Debnath, the former head of the Department.

There exists a significantly large Bengalee population in the Nagaon district and several Bengalee medium schools are situated in Nagaon town. As such the Department is engaged to cater the requirement of studying Bengali literature as an individual subject and as well as a combination subject. Department emphasizes on inculcating knowledge through effective running of teaching learning programmes and regular evaluation and assessment of students, within a healthy academic atmosphere.

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