"Vision 2020"

Nowgong College

Visioning is a process for achieving agreement on the kind of future an institute needs to create for itself and for creating in future a shared commitment. Nowgong College, during its journey from its inception (1944) has been receiving invaluable thoughts and contributions from many great minds associated with the institute. In my humble effort to dream Nowgong College beyond 2020, I look forward for certain suggestions to prepare a comprehensive and well thought-out document, outlining the possible academic trajectories and infrastructure master plan that our college could take in the years ahead. In the process of evolving and defining a relevant and adequate vision for the college through a consultative and transparent process, I seek valuable inputs from the dispersed family of Nowgong College-students, teachers, office staff, alumni and parents. I look forward to hear from anyone who believes in the proactive role that Nowgong college should play in the domain of higher education in the fast changing scenario. Once we develop a clear vision, implementation will become easy. The "vision 2020" should highlight views, issues and options that require our collective thought and wisdom.
I hope that all the family members of the college, in the larger sense of the word, will participate in, and contribute to this effort at best they can . You may communicate your comments and concerns to me or to the following e- mail ids

nowgongcollege@gmail.com , saratdipika@gmail.com

Dr. Sarat Borkataki


Nowgong College, Nagaon